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Do you want to spend your free time in the most active way possible? We’ve scoured the area to find you the best activities: let us give you hints or a complete plan in order to make your stay at Mandala House as efficient and colorful as possible – write us, and we will help find you the activity that suits you the best!

BESTILLO Distillery, Boldogkőváralja
One of the best schnapps manufacturer in Hungary and in the world, which also serves as a visitor’s center – a place where everybody is a professional, friendly and welcoming to guests. The extraordinary treats of the Schnapps House can be combined with exclusive cuisine offers from the Sárga Borház Restaurant, which guarantees that you’ll never forget the taste of the Gönci-peach, or the Mahaleb cherry.

Distillery tour with schnapps tasting served with apple and scone: 3 course offer from 1 300 / HUF / adult; 6 course offer from 3 500 HUF / adult. A separate gourmet dinner offer is available!

Árpád-Mountain Wine Cellar, Szerencs
The Degenfeld estate’s chief of viticulture, Varkoly István has a very sympatic profession of fate, not to mention how outstanding the wine they are making is!

The Wine Cellar is used to be the favourite location of Szerencs’s red light district – now days we only go there for the wine, but the amazing atmosphere and the unforgettable memories are still guaranteed.

Tour with wine tasting (4 brands) served with scone: 3 400 HUF / adult; 6 course offer 4 400 HUF / adult.

Szarka Dénes, winemaker, Mád

It is always exciting to see talent evolve, and Dénes Szarka is the definition of a winemaker who loves what he is doing, and his hospitality is legendary.

6 course offer of wine tasting with Dénes Szarka at Mad: 4 400 HUF / adult. Cauldron meal: 3 000 HUF / adult

Bodnár Sándor cheesemaker, Mád

We love good cheeses and people who are dedicate themselves to work, raising the bar

In their family workshop they are constantly making products from fresh milk with great care, ranging from blue cheese, goat cheese, cow cheese to camembert, and other specialties. Their stock are grazed on a landscape protected area in the nearby ecovillage, surrounded by magnificent hills, oak trees and a meadow full of herb. The clear and quality milk gives the Mádi Cheese it’s character and unique taste, making their customers fall in love with their products.

Mádi cheese and yogurt tasting: 3 000 HUF / person

Talentum Experimental Farm, Göncruszka
There is a small village in Zemplén County, Göncruszka, where you can find magnificent honey , and dairy products made from the freshest batch of cow- and goat milk available. The Mandala House gets its breakfast products from here, from the cheese, the milk, the yogurt spiced with fresh honey, to the butter and the curd cheese. The unique thing about this farm is that it has been made possible by the Calvinistic Congregate lead by Levelente Sohajda: nearly every member takes part in the making of the honey that is being sold all around the world. The gates of the farm are always open for everyone: take a tour at the farm and observe how a group of people can make wonders in a small village.

Csonkás Organic Farm, Mogyoróska
Deep inside everybody thinks that’s how we should live: on an organic farm, surrounded by lot of children, domestic animals, nature and love.

The Csonkás Organic Farm is set between Mogyoróska and Regéc, where Heni and her family lives and farm. On their family estate you can get a unique tour of farm life: the warmth of the hosts and their determination is exceptional: you’ll feel part of their family in an instant. You can’t miss out on tasting their fruit syrup, their honey or the traditional Hungarian bacon made locally.

Vidám-vidra Vízitúrák
If you’d like to get to know the region better from a different angle, visit Zsolt Kmetty and the “Happy Otters”, and raft away on the river Hernád. It is a unique experience lead by a tour guide who knows the waves of Hernád as good as his own hands.

Bartók József tour guide, Telkibánya
József’s information filled tours are so passionate that he can easily make you think that there are not a single more exciting thing on this Earth than rocks. He is a great talker, and when it comes to nature, he can be both professional and as excited as a child, hungry for new information.

Helyi ízek Kosár

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