Gönczi Peach Fest

The Gönci Peach Feast is easily the best peach feast of the year with lots of music, a gourmand experience in the name of peach, accompanied by activities for children and local, fastidious handmade products. You can get a taste of the best schnapps the county can provide, and you can also get to know how the famous drink is made, while enjoying tidbits of various dishes made from peach. Marmalade, syrup, pastry, ice cream: these are just some examples of what awaits you, presented by the best restaurants of the region!

In the summer of 2015, well known outlets will be present, including Anyukám Mondta, Klassz Bisztró and Ikon. The Saturday schedule will be spearheaded by the Garami Funky Staff, and the next day, a buzzing market accompanied by music and tons of activities will fill the day. If you like fruits, if you are interested in the world of gastronomy, or if you fell in love with the countryside, then you simply can’t miss the Gönci Peach Feast!

If you like to know more, visit the feast’s official site at www.goncibarack.hu

Helyi ízek Kosár

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