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Is it a constant problem also for you how to surprise your relatives and friends? What would make them really happy? Our suggest is to treat them with experience!

The Mandala House Gift voucher will be a guaranteed success. Everyone would love to spend some peaceful and unforgettable days in this charming guesthouse of the beautiful Zemplén. Anyone can find here an appropriate program of interest: it can be visiting historical places, nice restaurants, wine and palinka region tours or just simply discover the colorful nature of the forests nearby.

We prepare the Gift vouchers as you request, it can be written about the given value or the number of nights. It will be valid for one year so you will have plenty of time to find the best suitable date.

The voucher can be sent via post to the given address or can be taken from Mandala House while you are there.

You contact us about more details here:
Phone: +36 70 319 4470

**the Gift vouchers are numbered so when booking the chosen nights on our website please be so kind and sign this number in the Comments field


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