County Delicacies

Life is beautiful, just like the landscape Zemplén has to offer! And as it turns out, it is a really fertile ground: its orchards are well known around Europe, not to mention the marvelous meadows, or the charming herb gardens here and there. Enjoy what they have to offer on a memorable gourmet weekend! Our Country Delicacies activity is those who think that in becoming acquainted with a place, it is necessary to get to know the local gastronomy as well. Believe us: the best things are not recommended by travel guides, but by people actually living there. We took our time in selecting the finest local flavors: your only job is to lay back and enjoy it, so you don’t have to worry about anything, only what to taste next – all the rest, like travel planning and scheduling are our job!


Lenght: 4 days / 3 nights
Headcount: at least 6 people
Availability: All-year-round

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Here comes the tasting of Abaúj! We collected you a basket of wide range of delicacies from this countryside to start the gourmand tour here in Mandalaház.
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