Basket of Local Delicacies

Basket of local delicacies – start the discovery through the local tastes.

Would you taste the local specialties and also have the freedom to create them on your own? Would you try a real picnic in the forest where you enjoy the delicacies of Zemplén and its spectacular view in the same time?

You will love all of the ingredients from the Basket of Local Delicacies in Mandalaház.
We find and put you everything to the finest and most delicious basket of Abaúj. Savor a gastro-adventure as your matter of taste and time. Your own collection to take home to family and friends!

Who can forbear this kind of souvenir?

The basket for 4 person contains home made milk, butter, fruit yogurts with honey, pure and fruit cottage cheeses, cheese, smoked sausages, salamis, bacon, eggs, jams, Bestillo palinka (small bottle), bread and season vegetables in the price 6000 HUF*.

*Price includes the goods but excludes the basket itself.

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and telephone: +36 70 319 4470

Helyi ízek Kosár
Helyi ízek Kosár

Helyi ízek Kosár

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Here comes the tasting of Abaúj! We collected you a basket of wide range of delicacies from this countryside to start the gourmand tour here in Mandalaház.
Try them now!