About us

Three girls, who are connected by the happy childhood spent in Boldogkőváralja. We had dreamed about a place where we would love to spend some time. We visited a lot of places, but we always felt something was missing, mostly liberality and real comfort. We felt like we have to lower our expectations and needs every time we hit the road. We think the opposite: we wanted a place where the guest is the king, because quality time demands a pleasant environment. The plan we dreamed together resulted in the Mandala House, which is exactly what we wanted: comfortable, intimate, fastidious in its details, friendly, familiar. It fits the European standards, yet its roots are in its home country and home town: different than the others, the culmination of everything we think about hospitality and life itself: “Small things make the world a better place”. We hope that guests will love the place as much as we loved picking out the handmade stones for the foundation and the decoration, the warm touch of the various carpet samples that we had to choose from, or how happy we felt when we celebrated the completion of the house in March, 2015. We had so much pleasure in building it: we hope your stay here will be just as good!

With love,

Móni, Viki and Dóra


Helyi ízek Kosár

Current offers:

Here comes the tasting of Abaúj! We collected you a basket of wide range of delicacies from this countryside to start the gourmand tour here in Mandalaház.
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