Travelling is only worthwhile when you are going to a place that is better than home - or at least as good! When we planned the Mandala House, we were thinking along these lines. The walls that are a perfect fit for the atmosphere of Boldogkőváralja were built on this foundation. The mortar that was used were made from the harmony of the rooms, the generous comfort provided by the kitchen, and the various fine, perfectly natural materials used all around the house. All of these were joined by all the details that are for the comfort and entertainment of our guests - especially to the children!
It's easy like that: the house is done, now the guests can come!


Sun Charm room

Sunshine, narcissus, sunflower. The thick droplet of honey. The whistle of the thrush, inspiration, laughter, the love of life. The color yellow is like the sunshine: it emits exhilaration and heat. If you have ever entered into a room with walls of yellow, you know that its color will make you happy in an instant - if you choose this room, you can expect the same!


Springtime room

The sprouts that come with spring, the shroud of a peach-tree, the smell of grass. Rejuvenation, virility. Green is the color of mother nature and harmony. Wherever you look at Boldogkőváralja, you can see the infinite shades of green everywhere - the color of the room that will energize you too!


Dewdrop room

Cloudless, summer sky, the clear water of a river, the deep color of a cornflower, the beauty of a butterfly's wings. Purity, peace. Blue is the color of security and solidity, and that's exactly what the land all around us means to us, filled with harmony. Enjoy the Dewdrop room's tranquility!


Helyi ízek Kosár

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